Handwriting will become extinct some say, with the fast pace of technology. We touch and type and drag and see our children using apps following the same motion. 41 States have opted to teach typing in place of cursive writing. There is such value in handwriting although I do see the need for typing and the value for our new tech savvy world.



Handwriting works the brain in several ways the binocular teaming with focusing of the eyes, eye hand coordination and good motor skills, it also require spatial perception. The value in handwriting, even cursive writing will always be , in my opinion the best way to learn letters, numbers, reading and writing. It will be especially valuable for those with learning challenges. I also enjoy the way it looks.

When I came across this learning tool I found it really exciting. It uses both motion and sensory with the magnetic balls. Once you use the pencil/magnet to trace the letters, you can use your finger to lay them all down, now you have traced it twice. Genius!! Kids will love the feel, sound and tracing effect. It has the arrows to show haw many and what steps to take. It’s green, and great. I don’t mean the color no using paper over and over. The come in upper, lowercase ad cursive.

The only thing that could make it better for me, is I would love to see the letters just themselves, by that I mean not in order. I am a big fan of learning out of order. That is deserving of a post all it’s own.

Happy Monday.