Who doesn’t love Eric Carle? His beautiful illustrations stand the test of time. We have so many favorites that we could never pick just one. I think what makes his works so well loved is the simplicity shape and colors and children , especially when young love textures.  Although the books are lovely with their unique simplicity, the collage technique, using hand-painted papers, which he cuts and layers to form bright and cheerful images was a fine art.



Eric Carle first noticed by educator and author Bill Martin Jr., which he collaborated with the widely know Brown Brear, Brown Bear, What do you see? . Eric Carle soon started writing and illustration hos own books to which the beloved story The Very Hungary Caterpillar was born.



My children have grown up looking, exploring and eventually reading on their own the stories illustrated and written by Eric Carle. I think that some illustrators just all great artist will stand the test of time, Eric Carle is one of the greats.

Carle says: “With many of my books I attempt to bridge the gap between the home and school. To me home represents, or should represent; warmth, security, toys, holding hands, being held. School is a strange and new place for a child. Will it be a happy place? There are new people, a teacher, classmates—will they be friendly?